Skatahori is not a place. It's a state of mind. It's the state of mind one has when he visits a beautiful remote village and discovers his best friend is leaving for the summer and the only way to survive his crazy family is by spending a large portion of the time underwater.

~ The Travel Writings of Matt Barrett, copyright 1997 Matt Barrett

The Athens Gang

Introduction, The Athens Gang, The Best Summer of My Life, Present Day Plaka and Saturday Night Apollo Express Fever
The Sifnos Monster & Other Tales
The Sifnos Monster, With Godfrey on the Holy Mountain (or The Last Temptation of Matt), Reality Sets In, Ferry Tales, Adventures in Milos, King of the Kamakis, The Collage Bap, Pat Riley is Alive and Well and Shopping in Kamares, Vathy Vetoed

Adrift in the Cyclades

Mykonos, Andros Chicks Are Easy, Rafina: Athens Hidden Gateway, Saint Matthew in Athens
Predator in Paradise
Predator in Paradise, Revolution Heroes, Life After Jack, Sea Urchin Soup, Pip and Pop, Undersea Adventure, The Arrival of Mitch, The Water Taxi, Zarafona, Illegal Dancers, Surf's Up!, Elaine's Patsa, Battle of the Bands, The Last Days

I Married a Lesbian

Athens-Vatousa, Skala Thermis-Sikaminias, Agiassos, F/B Mytilini

Kea and the Rise of National Socialism

Kea and the Rise of National Socialism, Athens Interlude and Farewell
In Search of Sardeles Pastes

Intro, Mytilini, Vatousa and Xidera, Eftalou, Campo Antissa, Skalahori, Gavatha, Eressos, Skala Kaloni-Sardeles Pastes, Skala Sikaminias, Skala Thermis, My Birthday, Return to Xidera, Epilogue