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Its about time that someone got off their ass and gave these guys the recognition they deserve. I have been staring at this dusty photo of the band for the last 30 years wondering if this would ever happen and I would ever hear their music again. Its so good to hear these songs that were such an important part of my life. CC and PC are the best 2-punch lead singers since 3 Dog Night and Matt Econopouly's searing leads seem to fly out of the speakers and back into my life. Thank you God for bringing back CC Bluesking.
Matt Barrett

How true -
A seminal period in the history of Rock & Roll as CC Bluesking was everyones favorite group of the 70's overshadowing the likes of The Rolling Stones, Free, Iggy Pop, Santana and even Budgie and Deep Purple! 
Millions here in Greece and around the world are waiting for the re-union tour or even a Tee-shirt. Few realize that  a whole generation of young fans to be await the bands triumphant return with baited breath!
Others talk of the Police re-union tour without realizing that many of Stings licks are a direct rip off CC Bluesking!
- Beau Grant -
self appointed President CC Blues king fan Club Athens Exarhia Chapter

(well sort of)

Unbelievable!!  :D
Kirk Esco

Dave Bromily
(of  Derek, Trevor and Dave aka Monty Python's Flying Circus)

Parthenon Huxley is the best guitarist since Rick Miller.  Now the
world can finally hear Huxley's earliest influence: himself.  Barrett's
"searing" leads always created controversy.  Students argued for days
about which particular frequency his guitar tone occupied.  Now the
world can judge for itself.  CC and PC were the first co-vocalists in
rock.  Now the world can bow at their four feet.  George the Mouse and
Chuck the Rat were also in the band.
"R.M./P. H."

Nicky Tzordzidakis

I suppose my roots are a bit different then yours.  Although we do share tastes in rock n roll (most notably The Beatles and Deep Purple) I left before the great Greek CC Blues King era was in full swing...and then again perhap as Dirty Harry once said CC Blues Kings might have been "a legend in your own mind."  Great pictures though....
Sgt Sunshine

Your writing, as always, is crisp and funny. Unfortunately, the music is . . . . not.
Peter Poulides

awsome... what a memory .
Loretta Young

First of all let me say I had the privilege of hearing them live. They opened for me and the first band I ever created in Greece, Monty Pythons; however they were better than us in many ways. Just to mention a few, there music was all original, and so was their sound, whereas we just played cover songs. Second, miraculously, their guitars were tuned, not an easy task back then before digital tuners. Here are my comments on a few songs:

A Time To Cry.  The tambourine was not constant, it played from time to time, unexpectedly, as moments in life just come and go without warning. There is no continuity,  no prediction, thus presenting life and death as a whole, as an idea, brilliant tambourine execution.

Warm Up:  Now we know where the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band got their idea for the song “I Don’t Feel Well” or maybe that wasn’t the title but those were the lyrics after every verse.

Dusty Streets:  The listener is constantly being “bugged” or haunted by that obnoxious  melodica, or whatever it is in the background. This effect was very commercial. It reminds one of that equally haunting instrument (who knows what it was) on the song “ I've Got You Babe” Sonny  & Cher. Without that, I don’t know if that song would ever had made it.

“Sweet Soul of Billy” :  Again, the on-off tambourine. This keeps the song clear of any monotony.

“Karpoozi” :  A toss between “We will we will Rock you” and Ravi Shankar. Now we know the inspiration behind this artist and this song.

Won’t you come Over” :  As in that obnoxious melodica or whatever, now we have a goat’s bell, the bell Greek goats wear around their necks. It’s there, it won’t let you go, you keep wondering what it is and ….why it is there to begin with; yet, this bell epitomizes or reflects real Greece,  as seen in the eyes of us who lived under the dictatorship of that time. The raunchy CCBK sound juxtaposed to the simple, innocent, devoid of all politics, village sound of the bell, is nothing less than remarkably effective…and very important. This song is brilliant.

The first MOOG was used (maybe I'm wrong) in "Good Vibrations" , Beach Boys. It left a problem to musicians and to the general public , again, "haunting" sound no one ever heard before. I am convinced this played a major role in
the sucess of the song; much like that melodica thing on CCBK.

There never was, nor ever be another CCBK; even if you tried.

dorian kokas

Posters, t-shirts, autographed paraphernalia, the possibilities are endless.

Very good stuff: CC BLUES KING RULES!

Peter Christ

While I never had the pleasure of listening to you sing during my two years at ACS, I can honestly share that I did hear a few songs a few minutes ago.  You know Cat Stevens and Jethro Tull was pretty popular back then and god did I like listening to the songs.  Your group and what it may have stood for back in the "Good old days" I'm certain meant to you as much as playing sports for me. 
You probably felt like you were on a natural high. I sure did.  And while maybe you didn't pick up some "chicks" every night, I'm certain you all did pretty good. 
So how can we really compare your songs to those of the professionals.  For the day and time of the year, you guys I'm certain had it all. 
In the end, itis the memories we have, and no one can take that away from you.  Keep the memories alive....
Joe Russo

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