CC Blues King

CC Bluesking 1970

CC Bluesking AYC Dance, Kifissia, Greece 1970

C.C. Blues King

CC BlueskingThis is how I became a musician. By making fun of Rock Stars. Of the guys who were in the band only one guy could really play and that was Rick but we couldn't kick him out because he had all the equipment and we 'practiced' at his house. We were a cross between the Doors, the Stooges, the MC5, Alice Cooper and Captain Beefheart. Our first gig we got on stage and banged, strumed or blew on any instrument we could get our hands on. There were at least 8 or 9 of us on stage that night but the next few gigs were with a set line-up of me, Rick, Peter and Chris Christ, George the Mouse and Chuck the Rat (stepbrothers). We made up our songs on stage, usually improvisations on repetitive riffs or chord progressions. (That was my job) Chris and Peter would sing, talk or whatever and we would take our cues from them: Louder, faster and 'take it down' (slower).After the new years dance we were told by the old guy who ran the youth center that we were a disgrace and would never play again and that depressed us for awhile but it really was not our fault that everyone left the dance before the new year and celebrated in the parking lot. We all noticed that night it was not the rock stars that get the girls but the guys who knew how to dance and so one at a time we sort of snuck off the stage as our less talented friends picked up our abandoned instruments. So technically it was not really us playing when everyone left the dance. (Chuck the Rat was still on stage but I don't think he noticed we had left.)

CC Bluesking

L to R: Chuck the Rat, CC, Peter Christ, Parthenon Huxley, George the Mouse, Matt Barrett

CC Bluesking

CC and Peter Christ

CCBK album coverWe would all take several periods of Art and spend it making album covers where we all had hair longer than the members of Alice Cooper. When we decided to kick out the Rodent Brothers we made a big thing about who would replace George the Mouse (like when Mick Taylor left the Stones), and found the most obscure guy in the school named Nick Polemos, who didn't even play drums, to elevate to star status. He became instantly popular though we never did get to play with him.

There are still some existing tapes of this band. This was in 1970-71 and cassettes were the thing but of course the best ones have been lost.

We did eventually play again with a couple ringers to bring the sound together and make it musical. It was my last day at highschool and we played on the front lawn of the campus. It's a great image I keep with me. It was probably my musical peak. Visit the Official CC Bluesking Website